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At the beginning of the game, you are given the task to build a cottage. Pretty simple right? Well, later in the game, cottages become so vital, one upgrade could change everything. And, without cottages, you can't build anything. So now, we can see that cottages are necessary.

Instructions for construction

Before you decide to make a cottage, make sure you have the following materials corresponding to your level. There are two ways to do that. One is to hover the mouse over the building spot/cottage, and see for yourself. But, if you are planning on bringing a cottage from one to ten in one go, you'll need to refer to the next part.

Below, is a list of the materials required. So make sure you have the materials, and upgrade/build the cottage!

Cottage Upgrade
Level Food
Build Time Notes
1 100 500 100 50 none 1m 12s
2 200 1000 200 100 none 2m 25s
3 400 2000 400 200 Town Hall Lv.2 4m 50s
4 800 4000 800 400 Town Hall Lv.3 9m 40s
5 1600 8000 1600 800 Town Hall Lv.4 19m 20s
6 3200 16000 3200 1600
7 6400 32000 6400 3200
8 12800 64000 12800 6400
9 25600 128000 25600 12800
10 51200 256000 51200 25600

For lower level cottages, basically you can make time go faster by moving the mouse over to the top left, and clicking 'speed up' if the required time started off at or below 5 minutes. After, you shouldn't even think about using any guidelines to speed up production, as cottages won't be that neccesary once you get up to that level, till much later in the game.

Used for a cottage

  • To make your town look nice and pretty
  • To house more residents*

* important

So that is basically all there is to the most essential, and basic building in the game!

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