One of the most needed resources in the game, food. What makes food so important? Well, it is what helps your people live. It is what is needed when making a raid. It is what you'll need when you make any structure. Overall, food is a very important part to the game, just like all of the other resources. However, food is also one of the least talked about parts of the game, since it can be made so easily. As well, at the time of writing this, food is also the second cheapest resource, after stone. The ways to acquire food may seem so easy, but however they become very hard if you are low on food.

Ways to acquire food

Food is actually the easiest resource to get. There are only 4 ways to get it. They are

  1. Building and upgrading farms ~This is the long, but most reliable way
  2. Getting a friend to donate~ This is a risky way, since help may come too late, but it is good for newcomers
  3. Do a quest~Don't even count on this way. Just accept the food part as an extra, and a way if you are desperate.
  4. Doing a levy ~ if you are this desperate, I recommend getting a friend, or making a new file. Just saying.

All and all, food is a hard topic to talk about, since there is nothing much to it really

Food Lumber Stone Iron Gold