Lion medal

Lion Medal

Details: Edit

Increase a hero's loyalty by 15 when rewarded and is used for hero persuasion.

Lion Medals are one of the requirements for the following Titles:

Titles requiring Lion Medals
Title Number Required
Baronet 5
Baron 10
Prinzessin 10

Medal Rewards: Edit

Medal Reward is an important encouragement system. A country gives it as award to those who make outstanding contribution to the nation. Beside as award given to heroes, it can also be used in the Persuasion of rival heroes.

Quest: The Medals: Lion Medal
Target Awards
Lion Medal Lion Medal Prestige Food
1 1 100 10,000

Where to Obtain: Edit

Lion Medals can be obtained by attacking valleys or cities.

The level of the valley is of minor significance, as any valley (from Level One and up) will drop this medal. Attacking Levels 1-4 Barbarian towns also give this medal.

The Medal can also be obtained by attacking a level 2-4 lake.

Other than by attacking valleys or cities, you can also obtain this medal through a Medal Box reward or purchase, or obtain them via spins on the Wheel of Fortune.